About Us

We started Balance Sports Publishing in July 2008 to help kids, coaches, and adults have a great experience with youth sports. The three founders—Colleen Anderson, Jim Lobdell, and Steve Seely—are all accomplished athletes, coaches, and overall sports nuts. As kids, most of our free time was spent playing sports in neighborhood pick-up games and low-key organized leagues, where we learned about self-reliance, leadership, effort, and getting along.

But as parents today, we’re concerned that youth sports have grown too serious, structured, and adult-focused. Families everywhere fall in line with the youth sports “arms race” that suggests that earlier and more is better. The by-products of this phenomenon are well-documented: out-of-control parents and coaches, a win-at-all-cost mentality, early specialization, significant financial commitment, overuse injuries, and burn-out.

That’s why we decided to become the publishing partner for Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). PCA is a nationally renowned-nonprofit that works with youth sports organizations and schools to ensure every youth athlete has a positive, character-building experience. Endorsed by a wide-range of prominent professional and Olympian athletes and coaches, including PCA’s national spokesman Phil Jackson, PCA’s goal is to take back youth sports so every:

  • Coach is a Double-Goal Coach who prepares athletes to win and teaches life lessons through sports
  • Sports parent becomes a Second-Goal Parent who concentrates on his/her child’s character development while letting athletes and coaches focus on the first goal of winning on the scoreboard
  • Athlete aspires to be a Triple-Impact Competitors who makes self, teammates, and the game better

We share PCA’s vision. So we combined forces to blend our publishing know-how with PCA’s field knowledge to create high quality youth and high school sports books. Refreshingly practical and fun to read, our books inspire and equip youth sport leaders, coaches, parents, and athletes to do youth sports right and put the joy and fun back in the games.