ISBN 978-0982131756  

 Elevating Your Game:
   Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor™

  Authored by Jim Thompson

How do some athletes elevate their games when it matters most? And why do so many others find their game falls apart under pressure? This book, based on the thinking and experience of elite athletes and coaches who are part of the Positive Coaching Alliance movement, is filled with insights that can help athletes elevate their game to become Triple-Impact Competitors who make themselves, teammates, and the game better.

In 89 concise pages, Jim Thompson, the founder of Positive Coaching Alliance, shows you how to:

  • Improve performance by focusing on effort and learning rather than results.
  • Use a “Mistake Ritual” to recover quickly to get ready for the next play.
  • Hone a mental game that enables you to rise to the occasion under pressure.
  • Become a leader who makes those around you better.
  • Build winning team chemistry.
  • Summon moral courage to elevate the game when it matters most.

Elevating Your Game also includes 9 exercises to bring the ideas in the book to life and answers to 7 common challenges athletes face, including balancing academic and athletic demands, dealing with uncommitted teammates, handling cliques and conflict on teams, and preparing to play in college.

This book will help individuals reach their potential. It will also help athletic programs produce Triple-Impact Competitors, which will be a boon to our entire society.

    Praise for Elevating Your Game

"As a former NFL player, parent, father and coach, I found Elevating Your Game to be a tremendous resource in helping players master success on and off the field. While sports are played in the physical realm, they are much more mental, relational, and values-based than most players imagine. Jim’s book is timely and a gift to the social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of athletes and those who coach them. I strongly urge coaches to delve into this material and implement it into your coaching philosophy.”

Joe Ehrmann, NFL Pro Bowler and founder of Coach for America

"Jim Thompson's latest work offers compelling, concise concepts that empower young athletes to elevate their game through a combination of personal ritual and selfless reflection.  The teachings within Elevating Your Game are directed primarily to the athlete, but this book should be at the top of the syllabus for parents, as well.  No one understands the cultural obstacles that face developing young athletes better than Jim, and no one offers more valuable perspective on how to overcome them.”

Steve Stenersen, President, U.S. Lacrosse