ISBN 978-0982131732  

The High School Sports Parent: Developing Triple Impact Competitors

  Authored by Jim Thompson

Learning to compete on the stage of high school sports is a big transition for youth athletes and is often perplexing for their parents.

The High School Sports Parent
provides 68 concise pages of insightful and sensible advice on how parents can help increasingly independent teens get the most from high school sports. In a clear, inviting voice, Thompson reminds parents of the challenges their athletes face, from the demands of balancing heavy academic and extracurricular loads to the increasing pressure of high school sports. Packed with accessible ideas and refreshingly practical  tools, The High School Sports Parent shows parents how to: 

  • Help their teen become a “Triple-Impact Competitor” who makes himself, his teammates, and the game better
  • Navigate the complicated high school sports landscape
  • Use high school sports’ endless procession of teachable moments to teach and reinforce positive character traits
  • Deal effectively with common dilemmas faced by high school sports parents

  Praise for The High School Sports Parent

“As a high school athletic director, I can’t imagine a more helpful book for sports parents.  This book helps parents keep the 'big picture' of high school sports in mind: building character and helping teen’s drawing life lessons from their sports experience. Every parent should read it."
– Jeaney Garcia, Athletic Director, Punahou School, Honolulu, HI

The Hich School Sports Parent is a must-read.  Some day everyone will recognize the terms Second-Goal Parent, Triple-Impact Competitor, and Double-Goal Coach. When this day comes, all who participate in sport will be assured of a positive experience."
– Tim Flannery, Assistant Director, National Federation of State High School Associations

"I was thrilled when this book became available. As a high school athletic director, I plan to get a copy of this book into the hands of every parent coming into our building so they can maximize their child's (and their own!) high school sports opportunities.”
– Ken Harkenrider, Athletic Director, Canterbury High, Fort Wayne, IN

“Every sports parent should read this book. The High School Sports Parent will help parents keep the proper perspective and ensure their kids have a positive and fun experience.”
Marie M. Ishida, Executive Director, California Interscholastic Federation

“Jim Thompson writes about an athlete's "Emotional Tank," and his book for the parents of high school athletes really filled my Emotional Tank. It's the right message for the right people to maximize the benefits of school sports participation.
– Jack Roberts, Executive Director, Michigan High School Athletic Association