Sports Done Right!

Balance Sports Publishing was founded in 2008 to create superior youth and high school sports publications. We are the exclusive publishing partner for the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Our featured author is Jim Thompson, PCA’s founder and one of the nation’s preeminent experts on youth sports.

We believe youth sports are about much more than results on the scoreboard. In fact, most scores are quickly forgotten. But sports, when done right, can have long-term, life-changing effects. Indeed, sports can help young people and adults lead healthier lives filled with enriched relationships, more fun, and character-building experiences.

We work with youth sports organizations, coaching associations, middle and high schools, parent groups, and businesses to put the most inspiring, relevant, and practical books in sports education in the hands of youth sports leaders, athletic directors, coaches, parents, and athletes.


Best Sports Education Books Available!
You can put great books in the hands of every coach or parent in your organization. Affordably. We offer generous discounts on volume orders. Plus, Balance Sports Publishing can customize the content and even the covers of books to place your group’s logo or other important information—like league rules or important dates—right in our books. For more information, check out Discount Order and Custom Books to learn more about these exciting options. Or, contact us at 650-561-9586 or