ISBN 978-0982131749  

 The Power of Double-Goal Coaching:
   Developing Winners in Sports and Life

  Authored by Jim Thompson

The playing field is the ideal place to teach life lessons. Youth and high school sports offer an endless procession of teachable moments, but these are too often sacrificed in the headlong pursuit of winning at all cost.

The Power of Double-Goal Coaching by Jim Thompson provides 70 concise pages of practical ideas and tools to help coaches—from pee-wees to varsity—succeed with their dual role: to prepare their team to win, and to use competition to teach life lessons. In a straightforward, inviting voice, Thompson shows coaches how to:

  • Create a coaching legacy that will live on through the lives of players.
  • Improve athletes’ performance by focusing on effort rather than results.
  • Elevate athletes’ emotional state so they can perform at their peak level and have more fun.
  • Teach athletes to compete fiercely and with class.
  • Deal effectively with common coaching challenges, such as managing parents, planning effective practices, allocating playing time, coaching their own child, handling a losing season, and deploying assistant coaches.
  • Become part of a national movement to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth.

    Praise for The Power of Double-Goal Coaching

"The Power of Double-Goal Coaching is a terrific, concise summary of the impact a character-focused coach can have—for a season or a lifetime. It is a practical book coaches can use to get better results from players while providing an ethically superior approach to competitive sports… I am proud of the 10 NBA championship rings that I have earned as a coach, but I also want the success of Positive Coaching Alliance to be part of my legacy.”

Phil Jackson, NBA Coaching Legend and PCA National Spokesperson