Thank you for your interest in Balance Sports Publishing LLC, (BSP). BSP publishes two or three
books a year. We specialize in refreshingly practical and fun to read books that inspire and equip
youth sport leaders, coaches, parents, and athletes to keep the joy and fun in youth sports.

Our submissions guidelines are meant to assist you in determining if your title may be appropriate
for Balance Sports Publishing. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts, but please note that BSP is a
niche publisher and has very few openings for manuscripts at this time.

Our titles include: youth and high school coaching books, inspirational books for youth and high
school coaches, tactical and inspirational books for young athletes, chapter books, and picture
books for young athletes. All our titles align with the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

We accept submission via e-mail only. Please follow the submissions guidelines as outlined below.
Allow two months for a response.

All submissions must:

   1. Have title and author name in the subject line.
      (For example, "Coaching Youth Hockey" by Sam Enget) One manuscript per e-mail, please!
   2. Include the manuscript and all other text in the body of the email.
      (No attachments will be opened!)
   3. Sent to:

A nonfiction proposal should include:

   1. Query letter giving a brief description of the project.
   2. Proposal, including outline, introduction, illustration/photo list, sample captions.
   3. Sample chapter.
   4. A market analysis of the potential readership for the book, including title, publisher, and

date of all similar books, with an explanation of how your book differs from each.
   5. Author biography, including publishing credits and credentials in the field.

A chapter book proposal should include:

   1. Query letter.
   2. First 10 pages, total page count and list of all proposed chapter titles.
   3. Biographical information.

A picture book proposal should include:

   1. Query letter.
   2. Full manuscript text.
   3. Biographical information.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a
solicitation of your manuscript. Submission of any unsolicited materials shall be done at the
author/illustrator’s own risk of loss or damage.