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Positive Sports Parenting: How “Second-Goal” Parents Raise Winners in Life Through Sports

  Authored by Jim Thompson
Youth sports can be a wonderful shared experience between parent and athlete. But, too often a win-at-all-cost mentality creates stress, tension, and frustration for both parent and child.

Positive Sports Parenting by Jim Thompson provides 60 concise pages of insightful and sensible advice on how parents can help children get the most from sports. In a clear, inviting voice, Thompson reminds parents to worry less about winning and focus on the “Second-Goal” of using sports to teach life lessons. Packed with accessible ideas and easy-to-use tools, Positive Sports Parenting shows parents practical ways to:
  • Create lasting, positive memories with their child through sports
  • Use sports to teach and reinforce vital character traits
  • Work effectively with coaches – even the bad ones
  • Support their children on the sidelines so they can perform at their best
  • Handle pre-game jitters and make the most of car rides home
  • Deal effectively with common dilemmas faced by sports parents
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  Praise for Positive Sports Parenting


Positive Sports Parenting should be required reading for every parent of a child interested in sports.
It is a great tool for bringing a family together around sports.”

– Jon Butler, Executive Director, Pop Warner Football


"Positive Sports Parenting is the most valuable and concise resource for parents of young athletes that I've read.”
– Steve Stenersen, President & CEO, US Lacrosse


“An invaluable gift to sports parents everywhere. Brilliantly written by one of the country’s greatest sports educators.”
Dan Doyle, author of The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting


Positive Sports Parenting touches upon all of the key elements behind a positive, meaningful experience for children in sports. I’m confident it will redefine your perspective of the youth sports experience!”
– Rick Davis, National Executive Director, AYSO